Maison S.Sommet

Launched in 2022, Maison S.Sommet represents new-age ceramics: aesthetical yet functional,
simple yet unique, modern but with a strong heritage.

Each piece is different from the next and, in her artistic expression, Sommet embraces the appeal in imperfections, shunning traditional definitions of mass-produced flawlessness.

All ceramics are made to be both decorative and functional, which means all tableware are microwave and dishwasher safe.

Maison S.Sommet seeks to challenge the status quo driven by quantity over quality and standardisation over uniqueness, through a concept that celebrates craftsmanship, artistry, material and lifestyle.

STephanie Sommet

Growing up in Paris, Stephanie Sommet early discovered her passion for creativity and innovation, bringing her on an artistic journey from architecture to ceramics. Drawn to both the aesthetics and physical process, Stephanie gained her degree in ceramics from the London Central Saint Martins School of Art and subsequently founded The Ceramicists in 2014, providing commission work, selling collectible pieces, and holding workshops from her studio in South London. She quickly built up a reputation in the industry, pioneering unique techniques and styles.

Her creative journey led her in 2022 to re-launch the brand under Maison S.Sommet, with a clear goal - creating a community-centric experience around ceramics as both design and an art form. Combining collections, classes, and a gallery, Maison S.Sommet embodies the life work and ambition of Stephanie, a place where people can meet, discover and feel inspired.

“This is officially where our story starts. We can't tell you where it will end but we can tell you that we will enjoy every second of the journey - creating art and designing products to enable our community to discover and express themselves."

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Maison S Sommet
90 Haymerle road, Unit 4G. SE15 6SB London